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Do you need a tagged building?
Hi Contractors,

A piece of information has not been made 100% clear. Exclusive tagged buildings will not be available to all groups at the start of game. If you think your group should have access to your own tagged building, please contact us. Also, if you want to play the bartender let us know.

Tagged buildings are as follows:
-Medical facility
-Recreational facility
-Counciling facility
-Scientific facility

We need this information ASAP, if you have friends with a group concept, like a MASH tent, please point them to this post. Deadline for submissions is 3/23/2015. Please email us at: with your background and why you will require a facility. Collaborative groups will have a stronger case.
What are Counselling Facilities and Scientific Facilities? These aren't in the current rules.
Counseling facilities will reduce counselor costs by half.

Scientific facilities will support a new set of scientific/investigation skills to a certain degree but will mostly be for RP.

Also note, there will be a counseling and medical facility open to everyone who registers (but doesn't necessarily contract through) Hands for the Future.
Scientist/Investigation skills?

It will be hard to know if we need to request access to a tag until we see the new rules and see how the new skills play out.
I'm not certain I can respond by the 23rd, is there a possibility we can get an extension until after the new rules are posted?
The scientific facility will be mostly RP based, for groups that want to be a field science team, like RAID project would more than likely have. These skills will give minor plot information about Droms and the facility will more than likely affect the cost of using an ability to find something out about a bug.
The original intention was for only one of each to exist on site. They would be reasonably spread out across the CGs based on their theme. These facilities consume resources on a CG level and require upkeep at every game, so they're not something that a person can buy. We've been seeing more group concepts that revolve around using a facility in ways other than we originally intended, so we're looking for ways to work with those groups that also fit with the theme of the game. Every third building shouldn't be "Harry's Healin' Hut," but if a couple of CGs have some groups that would be interested in having a private shared facility so they don't have to rely exclusively on the Hands for the Future medical facility (for example), we'd like to work with those groups. More people contributing to a facility (in deco, in people, in setup) will make it look/feel better and foster a lot of RP, so we'd still like to keep the facilities extremely limited in quantity, but we want get some information from the assorted groups who were counting on those sorts of resources and how we can help them realize their concepts in that framework.

To clarify, you don't need your own facility for your group, or any group. A minimum of one of each facility will still exist on site. Part of the goal is to create a strained inter-reliance between groups, so you might end up in a situation where you need to negotiate for Lab time with RAID, and that's perfectly fine. Hands for the Future will make sure (in one way or another) that surgeons from all CGs have a space to work at the reduced cost. Anybody can use the Rec Facility. You shouldn't be prevented from playing any characters or using any skills because your group doesn't have a facility that supports you directly, since you'll have RP opportunities to get access to those facilities outside of your CG.

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