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Logistics for Game 1
Hello Contractors,

I am your local logistics department head. I will have the pleasure of assisting you in the fight of your lives. A couple of notes to make your inevitable demise more pleasant:

The best way to contact me with all of your questions and concerns is via the designated email address: You may attempt to contact me privately using this system's messaging, but it is not encouraged for the most timely of responses.

If you have purchased additional bonuses, such as extra XP and hive points, you must first log in to our main website: Once you have done this, please ensure that you fully update the player page to ensure that I can find you amid all of the other contractors preparing to engage in the forthcoming mission.

If you have not seen your bonuses added within three days of completing your account, please email me to ensure that you have not gotten lost in the stacks of paperwork. You will not be able to spend these extras until they have been added, so the sooner you complete all requisite registration procedures, the better for all.

Hive point bonuses for physical donations may take additional processing time. Likewise, purchases being made by hive points will require additional instructions which shall be forthcoming.

Further instructions shall be posted approximately two weeks in advance of the forthcoming mission.

Logistics over and out.
Head of Logistics Department
Follow up announcement:

All contractors who have joined the appropriate site ( should have received their appropriate amounts of XP and Hive Points. If you have not, it means the name used to pay for these perks is different than the name you have used as your name in the database. If this is the case, either submit an email to the appropriate email address with information or with an inquiry as to the proper correction procedure.

Credits will be forthcoming.

Logistics over and out.
Head of Logistics Department
I have now gotten all hive points and XP into the database for everyone who has logged in with a name that matches other names we have. If you have not received your Hive Points or XP, please contact logistics ( directly and we can help you clear things up. If you have just logged in for the first time, we'll need a 2-3 day window of time to make sure those get taken care of. Feel free to email logistics to let us know and help speed up the process.


As a note, credit transactions are being worked on. You should be receiving bonus credits soon. Salaries and the like will be dealt with at a later date.
Head of Logistics Department

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