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Our one forum rule is _not_ "Don't be a Dick"
Our one forum rule is "Be nice."

We would like to have enough faith in our community that we can not only not be dicks to each other, but we can be actively be positive towards each other. This means not only actively being positive in interactions, but assuming that other people aren't being negative. The internet is a terrible medium for debate and discussion, so the tone of a post is interpreted by the reader. As readers, we should assume that people don't mean to be jerks, and that they're not trying to be, so we'll be forgiving of tone. As writers, we need to be conscious of how our posts might be read. If you're upset at what someone else wrote, don't post. Wait an hour, come back, re-read, and write something constructive.

If we need more rules than this, we'll come up with them, but our hope is that we won't need them.

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