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Comm2 / BattleTac
BattleTac is a $5 app. Me being poor might be upset if someone just installed this app on my phone with out my permission. You know, not a cool thing to do. Unless there is a free version I've some how missed.
There is a free version on Android and iOS. Look up BattleTac Lite.
They couldn't install it without your permission - they'd need your passwords.
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Nick - I suspect you're misunderstanding a couple things.

Installing the app without your permission wouldn't be kosher, and wasn't what I was suggesting.

As Jon said, there's a free version. Realistically, the most readily useful thing in the free version is the ability to track where your teammates's device is.

In my ideal world, I envision this sort of thing working is that you take your team members and provide them with radios and individual devices with the app on it (their own or however you want to work that out). All they're doing is having the devices on them - for most of the team members, they're not directly using the app, it's just installed and running on a thing on them. Maybe you also have someone in the squad with Comm2 to provide direct updates - they start dropping waypoints on the map, marking "live" zones, etc. Then you have someone back at "base" with Comm2 on the radio providing third-person perspective or loading new waypoints from other teams onto the map.

That said, if Matt and Ron decide that's not how they want the world to work or the game to be engaged with, that's cool, I just figure it's best to ask ahead of time and be prepared than show up with plans and be told "no" after I've prepped for things. Smile
We are okay with it being installed on teammates phones, with their permission. But they in no way can interact with the app, except for shutting it down to access other areas of their phone. Their comms guy will have to do all the work.

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