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Claymore test footage
Figured I should throw this out there before risking putting it in my checked baggage for the flight up to see if it looks like it will pass.

Shot it from a couple of angles, slo-mo'ed at 1/8th speed for the initial, then there's the full-speed shots after.

[video=youtube] [/video]

Let me know your thoughts, questions, concerns...
Very interesting. Have you stood in front of it and taken a blast? How's the sting compared to a blaster?
Just tested it out on Holly (for science!). Per her, from eight feet, the impact was more noticeable than being shot by single darts out of my Firefly , but less noticeable than being shot by the Revonix360 (both tested at the same range).
All of my concerns with it are shared with automatic guns, which we already said we'd allow. Plus, I've been shot by this thing in the past, so I'm ok with it.

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