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Logistics: Check-In Game 1

With our first mission fast approaching, I have some information for you regarding arrival and check-in on the 24th.

  • Check in will begin around 6 PM (or later if traffic is particularly bad).
  • Money transferring will be unlocked at 5 PM (regardless of traffic). At this point, you can transfer money to and from accounts as per usual. You do not need to be on site for these transfers to happen, so that's awesome.
  • You may update your registration until you come to Logistics and check in. Once you check in, purchases and everything are fixed and locked and cannot be changed. When in doubt, please wait.

You should bring the following with you to check-in:
  • Money if you have not pre-paid (See list below to confirm prepayment)
  • ID (we will be checking ID at the first game to ensure compliance with age guidelines)
  • Emergency Contact Phone Number (you'll be filling out a legal release)
  • All weapons you plan on playing with (They will be undergoing a safety/rules check at logistics)

  • You need to make an account on and register as an NPC for the event. If you do not, you will not receive credit for attending the event.
  • If you are not part of the hive and have not emailed, you should do that too. We only have a limited number of places for NPCs.
  • If you would like NPC food, you must sign up for food by FRIDAY, APRIL 17. Registrations requesting food after that date are not guaranteed to get food.
  • All NPCs must check-in with Logistics on arrival. If you have not pre-paid for food, you can pay your $15 then. NPCs will receive priority in the check-in line (go straight to the front of the line and wait for the next available Logistics rep).

  • Before you can be checked in, you must also fully complete the player page ( and save. Incomplete player pages will not permit check-in to occur.
  • If you anticipate arriving later than 10:00 PM, please shoot logistics an email at We like to keep track of these things.
  • Logistics will be open from 6 PM until game on at 10(ish), although we will be closed during opening announcements. If you need to reach us after hours, talk to the Hive. They can direct you to me.

From the Logistics team to you, thanks so much for your patience. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email us at We are happy to serve.


List of Pre-Pays Received:

Please send questions, comments, concerns or corrections to

** indicates account has not yet been made on

Up-to-Date as of 4/23/15 3:36 PM
  • Alicia G
  • Alyssa L
  • Andrew B
  • Ben T
  • Bill B
  • Bradley M
  • Brandon T **
  • Brian L
  • Brian J
  • Brian M
  • Brian H
  • Brooklyn S **
  • Cass J
  • Charles D **
  • Cody M
  • Conor T
  • Dante A **
  • David H **
  • Deanne N
  • Devlin A
  • Frank D
  • Helen M**
  • Holly P
  • Isaac Har.
  • Isaac Hal. **
  • Jacob W **
  • Jeff K
  • Jeff R
  • Jocelyn T
  • Joey P
  • John F
  • Jon L
  • Jordan M
  • JP
  • Keegan G
  • Kirk I
  • Kristen M
  • Kyle E
  • Kyle S
  • Lizzy M
  • Lori F
  • Mark G
  • Matt Str. **
  • Matt Sta.
  • Michael B **
  • Micahel D
  • Mr J
  • Mr M **
  • Mr Z **
  • Nat H
  • Nikita M **
  • Paul V
  • Phillip S
  • Queenie T
  • Reena M
  • Rolf S
  • Jett C
  • Ryan W
  • Sindre P
  • Snorkus **
  • Sulayman D **
  • Tom S
  • Warren S
  • William M
  • Zaz Y
  • Craig W
  • Michael RS **
  • Jason W
  • Will C
  • Carmen S
  • Sori G
  • David P
  • Brant J
  • Andrew M
  • Jennifer J
  • Robert S
  • Ali B
  • Jimmy H
  • Martyn H
  • Adam F
  • Cody N **
Head of Logistics Department
Updated. If you haven't logged in to yet and made your character (if you're a PC), now is a great time to do it!

-You can also make your character on site, if you wish, so whatever works best for you!
-We accept paypal payments on site, as well as cash or checks.
-If you are on this list with a ** after your name and have already logged into, you will need to email and let us know what names belong together (perhaps something along the lines of: "Hey, on the prepay list I have the name "Mr Anderson," but on my spite login, my name is "Anthony Andrews."). We just want to make sure we're mapping people to the right names. Smile
-Don't forget we will be checking ID's at logistics and asking people to fill out legal releases! These are required for play at SPITE.

Thanks so much and see you Friday!
Head of Logistics Department
Barb, is Will B me? Just wondering.
Yep. Updated to Bill to stop being silly and confusing.
Head of Logistics Department
Updated. Probably the last update before game. Make sure you're on the list if you think you should be!
Head of Logistics Department

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