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Unwelcome Themes at Spite
Hello Contractors,

Time for a slightly heavy post. I wanted to go over something that may not have been 100% clear in the rule book. There are a handful of themes that are not welcome to be explored IG at Spite. These themes are as follows:
  • Racism (actual real world not SICs)
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Sexism
  • Sexual Assault
If your character plans on being a part of any kind of RP with the above themes, please adjust your back story and planned IG behaviors.

Also note, joking about the above things or being a jerk OOG will be a quick way to get yourself banned from our game. We want to be a fun and welcoming community that kills aliens. If you feel you need to explore the above themes in your RP, Spite may be the wrong game for you.

Thank you for your understanding, as this particular issue is not up for debate.
I was thinking about having my character being a christian that despite Androids and sees them as the Devil's creation.

As far as I can see this should be ok, but just to be sure I thought I could ask about it here. So it's actually two things I would like to have clarified
1. Is it ok to play a Christian character, it isn't much about religion in the rulebook so I just assumed that Hands of the future is an inter-faith organization consisting of people from all kind of existing (real world) religions or new ones that could have popped up after the aliens came to earth.  
2. Racism against S.I.C.s is something we can play on
We are alright exploring religious themes, as long as it's done with respect. Racism against SICs is just fine. Thanks for asking.
So, if someone calls an android an abomination, can the android call them an irrational, myth-driven human? I don't think my character would do that, because it is programmed to be nice, but someone else will, since it is a logical response.

Hmm, maybe my next character should be a human that worships the aliens!
My Llama can kick your Ass.
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