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Grab Bags
Hello Contractors,

Some of you have had some questions about grab bags. If you would like to purchase a grab bag with hive points, please email and they will let you know what tags you'll be getting.

If you purchased the perk from our fundraiser for grab bags, you'll get your choice of one of the following kits. These kits can be redeemed at check-in:

Flyswatter kit: Armor + Modern Melee
Doctor's Bag: Medkit + Portable Defibrillator
Spare Parts: Repair Kit x 4
Go Juice: Vita Injector
Radiation kit: Plutonium Round x 2
Bigger Hammer kit: Vibro Charge x2
You do not need to designate any of these in advance. If you wish to email logistics about this, no problem, but you can change your mind up to the point when I hit the "print" button on site. I won't be pre-printing tags.
Head of Logistics Department

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