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So... PVP
If you say... walk off... kill someone... steal his stuff and wander off...

What happens?

Does the person report his death ops? Do you report the killing to ops? Mostly curious how to do so, without walking around with a huge sign that says "PVP guy"

Note... this is all theoretical. I would never harm one of my fellow UEF members.




William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
If you are killed by any means, IG, you come to UEF camp and decide whether you will NPC or create a new PC for the rest of the event.

If you kill a PC at game you do nothing. You continue on with your game and hope you never get caught.

PVP is not discouraged or encouraged, we want this to be an organic experience. Play your character how you wish but be willing to accept the consequences for their actions. If you are real slick, you can get away with murder, if you aren't so slick, you might find your character being a target or thrown out of the quarantine zone by UEF and promptly handed over to local authorities.

As a note: it is extremely bad form to talk about who killed you OOG, as people have a hard time not meta-gaming that kind of information.

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