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So, the Councilor skill that does the Knockback effect states you cannot attack the person you are holding at bay with your raised hand. The same effect under Psychokinesis does not state this restriction. Is that intentional or is the intention that while you are holding them off either way, you cannot attack the target?
The restriction is specific to Counselor rank 2. I believe that it is meant to represent the fact that Counselor 2 represents being awesome at talking, and getting someone to listen to you is hard when you're attacking someone. Using the raw power of the mind to hold someone back doesn't have the same drawback.

Of course, if you've got two knockback effects going at once (one with each hand), like a boss, then you can't attack anyone anyways. =D
Brian is correct. All of the effects are identical when called so the recipient only needs to know a few effects to play the game, but some skills have restrictions on their use that other's don't.

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