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OOG areas at Camp Kirby
Hello Contractors,

This information has been covered in other threads but I wanted to consolidate it in this thread. The following areas are considered OOG:
  • Bathrooms: While bathrooms are OOG the trips to and from are not. Please note it is extremely bad form to attack someone who is about to walk into the bathroom or has just left the bathroom. It is considered cheating to run into the bathroom to avoid combat.
  • Smoking Area: You must walk up the hill and offsite to smoke. There is no combat in the smoking area.
  • Underneath your bunk: If you have personal effects that you don't want to be ineracted with in the game, please stick them under your bunk. That includes: clothing, toiletries, untagged item props, etc.
  • Inside personal vehicles: Please do not use your car as a way to avoid combat. If you forgot something from your car, please grab it quickly and return to game.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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