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Favorites from first event!
There's probably a different place to post this, but I felt the need to use a part of my lunch break to post this.

- Logistics: despite the line, everything moved quickly, and staff made it a really great experience. Thank you logistics Smile

- Friday night opening fight. Getting on the boat, sailing to the shoreline, exiting the boat. The whole thing. Super awesome to be communicating through whistle only, and just coming out of the shadows. Seeing the silhouette of the bugs was amazing - those costumes looked great!

- Getting to the mess hall, and seeing just how many extra things plot had added for atmosphere: The radio station, the ATM, the letter wall, the signs. All of it. Well done guys!

- Bridgeport Contingent aka "The Irish" shenanigans. I love this team. I love this team so, so much.

- Ollie, BC's pet RC Claymore watchdog. Good Boy!

- Additional Nicknames, including Gee, Beast, and Riddick.

- "Whoooeee! Two toilets on the inside!"

- 6 hours of singing, to only crush poor JP. "I sang last night? Are you guys messing with me again?"

I have so many more of these, but for now I have to get back to work. This post will be edited if I can later tonight!

Thanks again to everyone. Staff -well done. Seriously.


Heavily abbreviated favorites list:

-Radar patching me up, and Lizzy's reaction upon realizing that I was legit bleeding. Consummate professional. Tongue

-Getting to see peoples reactions to my counseling method, which varied from "You're not counseled until you laugh for me." to "Alright shithead, stop being a baby and get it together."

-"Red Rocket" being exactly as unlikeable as we expected. Hell, all the inter-CG-strife. Loved to hate you!

-The entirety of WTS, especially ACME. It was like we were old pals. Felt like a mining camp.

-Goddamn Marvin. Holy fuck, that guy is awesome.

-The burrowed stand-off in the Hands facility. I thought we were all dead! Laying at 1HP in a bed shakily reloading my revolver between waves and then afterwards hanging on to the dead baby dress for hours, trying to keep it together was the pinnacle of my immersion this weekend. I was playing myself and had to really address how I'd react to that mindfuck.

-Denying counseling a couple times because I, in character, couldn't bring myself to say anything uplifting.

-Destroying comms 1 with shitty, inane radio chatter.

-Swiping a small supply cache and being able to distribute it to the people that needed it most. I missed playing a good guy.

-All of the interesting and believable characters you could run into. Very rarely did someone seem out of place in a shitty war-torn front. Mad props.

-People roleplaying not getting my 20th century jokes/references, even when the player totally did. Well done!

-Other stuff. Fuck, thanks plot/players/logistics. I had doubts, now I don't!
Keegan "K" Ryan, WTS, Alternative Counselor, Circuit Monkey.
Honorary ACME fan club member.
"Princess Ariel".
Wartime Salvage

"Ash", Pale Horse
Wartime Salvage
This is what I can think of so far:

Doing all the science! Three research projects, including one alien autopsy and one by the light of a lantern under fear of Drom attack.

So many great conversations! Dr. Amy Stone, Mr. P, Kink, Cassius, Hammer, Dr. Weiss, Radar, and Prafator.

The whole rogue psychic thing: opening the door to Matt, JP, Holly, and Ali and having a quick OOG "oh shit" moment; the role play outside (horrible accents included), and then running and screaming when they finally attacked.

Going to the infirmary to be fixed up after the psychic attack and having to hide in the bathroom to not upset the religious anti psychic nut jobs; some great role play came from that.

Alphabet Soup: you are all great!

Counseling session ending with Burrowed attack!

Singing by the fire.

Late night science with Ron's Burrowed, that's all I can say.

Proving (apparently) that I can play a less than social character and still have fun!

Being able to easily access my character info from my phone during the game! Super easy, thanks Tech team!
Plot Hands for the Future and Refugees
Well, since I spent almost the entire game in the med unit, my view was pretty limited but:

Putting Barbie bandaids on big tough soldiers.

Talking to other Androids and seeing their interpretations, from the new out of the box unit to the complex Marvin. (Who has a heart. THRTHR is jealous.)

Lolipops and stickers of course. The first reactions were "What the fuck are you talking about?!!" and then gradually, a couple of people started just... hanging around... complaining of vague things, needing a little something. I confess, I broke character to laugh a couple of times, so THRTHR had to download a laugh program.

Waking up--from real sleep! Seriously people! --to the Borrowed Attack in the MASH. Opening the door to a pile of bodies blocking it closed and Kirsten crying "I'm sorry! I'm Sorry!" And whacking me, and remembering I could shut down!

Harassing Dr. Stone for counseling in the middle of the aftermath. He is trying to be so patient and I am just in his face. "Why did they do that?" "I have feelings. I do not like them."
And just when he thinks he can get away-- "I had DREAMS last night." His head spun like a Roomba. Speaking of which:

The next morning, reverting to my base programing--A Roomba - during some boring meeting, and bumping into people and walls. Dr. Black asked what THRTHR needed. "PLEASE MOVE ROOMBA TO A NEW LOCATION. THEN PRESS CLEAN TO RESTART."

I wish I could have gone down to the beach or to the party. Please tell more stories.
My Llama can kick your Ass.
Maude  "Granny" Miller-Lawrence

In no particular order:

- Having burrowed walk into the cabin while I was alone, then hearing the sounds of my team running to save me as I lay unconscious on the floor when they realized something was wrong.

- Going to the Medical Center after the above incident and asking for a second morphine pop, only to get a Barbie band-aid instead. Barbie band-aids make everything better.

- Listening to the radio chatter.

- Running to help protect the Med Center on Sunday morning, just in case the battle up on the hill made it down that far.

- Helping to protect the Med Center on Saturday during the large battle. Dragging people to safety, and shooting bugs.

- Storming the beach on Friday was intense, and so much fun. A great way to start the game and give us an idea of what we were in for.

- Red River -
Oh man. So many things were awesome! Some highlights:

- The beach landing was as crazy and chaotic as I'd expect that to be. Carrying the science equipment (that was actually weighty) was very interesting. That atmospheric introduction was great and set the tone.

- Working with other characters to make great jokes - Marvin is the ultimate straight man and I couldn't have done it without ya'll.

- Singing with everyone. I never expected Marvin to be able to sing, but I've rolled it in my character now - all Androids need human interaction capabilities. I've not had an opportunity to sing with a group in a long, long time.

- Being stuck in terribly dangerous situations with no weapons and recovering equipment. Carrying stuff was never so much fun. "Marvin, hold this!"

- Talking on the radio with everyone. I loved being able to call for the Princesses. =P

- The in-group/out-group RP was great. Being so salvage focused was great - I got to push people... all the time.

- Coming up with canon - including more Disney and Pixar films - on the fly.

I know I've missed some things, so if I didn't mention it, I apologize. =)
Marvin the Martian
[Image: acme-logo.png]
Subcontractor for Wartime Salvage
  • Talkin' ta all dem scientifical types 'bout how we wuz all mentally-inclined an' seekin' help, only ta hafta turn to the LawMan an' rollin' that into gettin' a house with TWO toilets!  ON THE INSIDE!
  • Despite the whole lot of us coming from Seattle, Arizona and Ohio, our group gelled so well.
  • 6 hours of singing by the fire with members of every faction coming in for a song or two, including backup vocals and harmonies, while watching WTS and the Military get chewed out and hearing about how hard it is to get different factions to get along.
  • The depressing sadness of having seen XIII smiling and singing, only to wake up with no memory of it all.
  • Seeing Sori march in from the beach like a boss in her three-piece suit, Barb hurrying behind her as the overworked assistant, and seeing the rest of the people scurrying behind looking confused to beat all hell.
  • Delaying the new camp admin for the better part of fifteen minutes while things with Leeds were being handled.
  • Things.
-Hearing a call over the radio that bugs are coming up to my building. Jump out of bed open the door and come face to face with drom, quickly close the door and jump though a hole in my wall.

- Night time sing along

- telling a doctor to push my leg back in because bugs are coming.
-Watching people judge me for the disgusting mustache that my character wore, but which I never would. Probably.

-Marvin. My favorite android (sorry, I didn't live in the same building as the other ones). Nailed the voice, the intonations, calling people "sentients", and the literalism. Plus, watching Jeff have to turn away or go in the room because he was saying something as Marvin that was so funny that he was going to laugh. Which, of course, Marvin doesn't do.

-The utter confusion and fear of the landing group. Plus getting to act like a scaredy-cat and complain constantly during that fight.

-Hearing rumors and stories and thinking, "hmmm...that sounds like an official, cover-up story." And then passing it on as 100% truth because my character just doesn't know better.

-People treating Josef like the goofy yokel that he is. And him not realizing why.

-The very kind comments on my first ever costume project.

-My counseling session with Dr. Stone. Having never been to a counselor/therapist, it felt very real to me. I was expecting maybe 5-10 minutes of basic conversation to satisfy the rules. But we spent 20-30 minutes talking about a range of topics, which was all ACTUALLY interesting to talk about. If you feel like you didn't get to show off your character's story to anyone, go see Dr. Stone.

-Generally being intimidated and afraid of really nice (OOG) people because their characters were crazy exims or hard-nosed soldiers. Also, watching a bunch of nerds act like total bros and tools was hilarious.

--Josef Schumacher (aka Glowy Man)

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