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Favorites from first event!
There's probably a different place to post this, but I felt the need to use a part of my lunch break to post this.

- Logistics: despite the line, everything moved quickly, and staff made it a really great experience. Thank you logistics Smile

- Friday night opening fight. Getting on the boat, sailing to the shoreline, exiting the boat. The whole thing. Super awesome to be communicating through whistle only, and just coming out of the shadows. Seeing the silhouette of the bugs was amazing - those costumes looked great!

- Getting to the mess hall, and seeing just how many extra things plot had added for atmosphere: The radio station, the ATM, the letter wall, the signs. All of it. Well done guys!

- Bridgeport Contingent aka "The Irish" shenanigans. I love this team. I love this team so, so much.

- Ollie, BC's pet RC Claymore watchdog. Good Boy!

- Additional Nicknames, including Gee, Beast, and Riddick.

- "Whoooeee! Two toilets on the inside!"

- 6 hours of singing, to only crush poor JP. "I sang last night? Are you guys messing with me again?"

I have so many more of these, but for now I have to get back to work. This post will be edited if I can later tonight!

Thanks again to everyone. Staff -well done. Seriously.


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