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Favorites from first event!

Heavily abbreviated favorites list:

-Radar patching me up, and Lizzy's reaction upon realizing that I was legit bleeding. Consummate professional. Tongue

-Getting to see peoples reactions to my counseling method, which varied from "You're not counseled until you laugh for me." to "Alright shithead, stop being a baby and get it together."

-"Red Rocket" being exactly as unlikeable as we expected. Hell, all the inter-CG-strife. Loved to hate you!

-The entirety of WTS, especially ACME. It was like we were old pals. Felt like a mining camp.

-Goddamn Marvin. Holy fuck, that guy is awesome.

-The burrowed stand-off in the Hands facility. I thought we were all dead! Laying at 1HP in a bed shakily reloading my revolver between waves and then afterwards hanging on to the dead baby dress for hours, trying to keep it together was the pinnacle of my immersion this weekend. I was playing myself and had to really address how I'd react to that mindfuck.

-Denying counseling a couple times because I, in character, couldn't bring myself to say anything uplifting.

-Destroying comms 1 with shitty, inane radio chatter.

-Swiping a small supply cache and being able to distribute it to the people that needed it most. I missed playing a good guy.

-All of the interesting and believable characters you could run into. Very rarely did someone seem out of place in a shitty war-torn front. Mad props.

-People roleplaying not getting my 20th century jokes/references, even when the player totally did. Well done!

-Other stuff. Fuck, thanks plot/players/logistics. I had doubts, now I don't!
Keegan "K" Ryan, WTS, Alternative Counselor, Circuit Monkey.
Honorary ACME fan club member.
"Princess Ariel".
Wartime Salvage

"Ash", Pale Horse
Wartime Salvage

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