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Favorites from first event!
This is what I can think of so far:

Doing all the science! Three research projects, including one alien autopsy and one by the light of a lantern under fear of Drom attack.

So many great conversations! Dr. Amy Stone, Mr. P, Kink, Cassius, Hammer, Dr. Weiss, Radar, and Prafator.

The whole rogue psychic thing: opening the door to Matt, JP, Holly, and Ali and having a quick OOG "oh shit" moment; the role play outside (horrible accents included), and then running and screaming when they finally attacked.

Going to the infirmary to be fixed up after the psychic attack and having to hide in the bathroom to not upset the religious anti psychic nut jobs; some great role play came from that.

Alphabet Soup: you are all great!

Counseling session ending with Burrowed attack!

Singing by the fire.

Late night science with Ron's Burrowed, that's all I can say.

Proving (apparently) that I can play a less than social character and still have fun!

Being able to easily access my character info from my phone during the game! Super easy, thanks Tech team!
Plot Hands for the Future and Refugees

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