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Favorites from first event!
Well, since I spent almost the entire game in the med unit, my view was pretty limited but:

Putting Barbie bandaids on big tough soldiers.

Talking to other Androids and seeing their interpretations, from the new out of the box unit to the complex Marvin. (Who has a heart. THRTHR is jealous.)

Lolipops and stickers of course. The first reactions were "What the fuck are you talking about?!!" and then gradually, a couple of people started just... hanging around... complaining of vague things, needing a little something. I confess, I broke character to laugh a couple of times, so THRTHR had to download a laugh program.

Waking up--from real sleep! Seriously people! --to the Borrowed Attack in the MASH. Opening the door to a pile of bodies blocking it closed and Kirsten crying "I'm sorry! I'm Sorry!" And whacking me, and remembering I could shut down!

Harassing Dr. Stone for counseling in the middle of the aftermath. He is trying to be so patient and I am just in his face. "Why did they do that?" "I have feelings. I do not like them."
And just when he thinks he can get away-- "I had DREAMS last night." His head spun like a Roomba. Speaking of which:

The next morning, reverting to my base programing--A Roomba - during some boring meeting, and bumping into people and walls. Dr. Black asked what THRTHR needed. "PLEASE MOVE ROOMBA TO A NEW LOCATION. THEN PRESS CLEAN TO RESTART."

I wish I could have gone down to the beach or to the party. Please tell more stories.
My Llama can kick your Ass.
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