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Favorites from first event!
Oh man. So many things were awesome! Some highlights:

- The beach landing was as crazy and chaotic as I'd expect that to be. Carrying the science equipment (that was actually weighty) was very interesting. That atmospheric introduction was great and set the tone.

- Working with other characters to make great jokes - Marvin is the ultimate straight man and I couldn't have done it without ya'll.

- Singing with everyone. I never expected Marvin to be able to sing, but I've rolled it in my character now - all Androids need human interaction capabilities. I've not had an opportunity to sing with a group in a long, long time.

- Being stuck in terribly dangerous situations with no weapons and recovering equipment. Carrying stuff was never so much fun. "Marvin, hold this!"

- Talking on the radio with everyone. I loved being able to call for the Princesses. =P

- The in-group/out-group RP was great. Being so salvage focused was great - I got to push people... all the time.

- Coming up with canon - including more Disney and Pixar films - on the fly.

I know I've missed some things, so if I didn't mention it, I apologize. =)
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