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Favorites from first event!
  • Talkin' ta all dem scientifical types 'bout how we wuz all mentally-inclined an' seekin' help, only ta hafta turn to the LawMan an' rollin' that into gettin' a house with TWO toilets!  ON THE INSIDE!
  • Despite the whole lot of us coming from Seattle, Arizona and Ohio, our group gelled so well.
  • 6 hours of singing by the fire with members of every faction coming in for a song or two, including backup vocals and harmonies, while watching WTS and the Military get chewed out and hearing about how hard it is to get different factions to get along.
  • The depressing sadness of having seen XIII smiling and singing, only to wake up with no memory of it all.
  • Seeing Sori march in from the beach like a boss in her three-piece suit, Barb hurrying behind her as the overworked assistant, and seeing the rest of the people scurrying behind looking confused to beat all hell.
  • Delaying the new camp admin for the better part of fifteen minutes while things with Leeds were being handled.
  • Things.

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