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Favorites from first event!
-Watching people judge me for the disgusting mustache that my character wore, but which I never would. Probably.

-Marvin. My favorite android (sorry, I didn't live in the same building as the other ones). Nailed the voice, the intonations, calling people "sentients", and the literalism. Plus, watching Jeff have to turn away or go in the room because he was saying something as Marvin that was so funny that he was going to laugh. Which, of course, Marvin doesn't do.

-The utter confusion and fear of the landing group. Plus getting to act like a scaredy-cat and complain constantly during that fight.

-Hearing rumors and stories and thinking, "hmmm...that sounds like an official, cover-up story." And then passing it on as 100% truth because my character just doesn't know better.

-People treating Josef like the goofy yokel that he is. And him not realizing why.

-The very kind comments on my first ever costume project.

-My counseling session with Dr. Stone. Having never been to a counselor/therapist, it felt very real to me. I was expecting maybe 5-10 minutes of basic conversation to satisfy the rules. But we spent 20-30 minutes talking about a range of topics, which was all ACTUALLY interesting to talk about. If you feel like you didn't get to show off your character's story to anyone, go see Dr. Stone.

-Generally being intimidated and afraid of really nice (OOG) people because their characters were crazy exims or hard-nosed soldiers. Also, watching a bunch of nerds act like total bros and tools was hilarious.

--Josef Schumacher (aka Glowy Man)

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