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I'd like to start making my gear...

Any specifics on 'making a packet'? Size, consistency, etc

Are different types of packets color coded? And if so, what color for Psychic powers?
William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
There aren't any color restrictions on packets. Packets are generally made with approximately a 6 inch square of fabric and a tablespoon of millet. (Millet is basically birdseed with nothing big in it, like sunflower seeds. Buy it in the bulk foods section at a Winco or something, it's like $0.25/lb.) Dump the seed in the middle of the cloth, gather it (twisting the cloth so that you have a bulb at one end makes it really easy) and then use a small rubber band to bind the seed at the end, letting the 'tail' unwind (if you twisted it). It shouldn't be too tight, so make sure it's not like a rock, but if it's too loose then it won't fly very far. Cheap cotton cloth usually works just fine (avoid fleece, trust us), and while there is no color requirement, we recommend white cloth, but only because it's easiest to see in the dark/woods/etc so you can re-collect them.

Don't make packets out of anything that you're worried about losing. You will lose them, ruin them, and wear them out. You should be able to make about 100 for $6-7, which is way more than you should need for one of our events. If you make a bunch extra, we could use them at Hive camp.

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