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Fixing a crippled torso
In the rules it says a L1 surgeon can fix a crippled arm or leg, but says nothing about body. Are we meant to be able to fix the body, or is that unfixable with player powers?
That'd be Surgeon Rank 3, Cleanse Body with the Remove All, wouldn't it?
Good call! I keep thinking of cripple as a separate thing, but it really is a status effect.

One more question. A medic 1 can sense how much you're down, but not what HP you're at. So theoretically, they can't tell if you're in the middle of your incapacitated count or just injured. They won't know they have to hurry up and bandage you or you'll lose consciousness. For example, Joe's total HP is 14, and he's down 10. How do I know he isn't bleeding out? Anne's total HP is 14 and she's down 14. How do I know she doesn't have 17?
The difference between Incapacitated and just injured is intended to be clear to all characters. An Incapacitated character cannot move, but can speak, and can RP both fading into unconsciousness and knowing that they are Incapacitated. Someone who has been hit with Cripple Body would be indistinguishable from an Unconsicous character, but a Medic 1 can use "What effects are you under?" and "How long have you been unconscious?" to determine which situation the patient is in.
Here are my thoughts on it:
'Cripple Body' functions so differently than the other cripples, that may want to be looked at to be simplified, to act more like the others.
I think that simplifying it and making 'body' a 'fifth limb' - but with the effect of 'you cannot use any abilities and cannot move' instead of 'you can't use this arm/leg' like the other cripples, but otherwise just treat it as a fifth limb.

I think the idea might have been to make that 'cripple body' effect in one of the Psy paths 'really, really bad' ... but it's still really bad and takes someone out of a fight completely, in a single hit. The 'it is also costly and can only be undone by a master surgeon, as opposed to a rank 1 surgeon' might be too much bang for the Psy-buck.

It may have made more sense back when First Aid only healed 2 and crippled a limb... that'd mean to go from 0 to 10 hp, you'd need five different 'limbs' to Cripple...
Maybe that was why? I have no idea.
Question: Can someone doing First Aid choose to 'Cripple Body' when applying their cripple-for-healing first-aid effect?
I suspect that, due to characters having widely variable HP, the First Aid call-and-response may need to be changed.
I don't think the intention was to not let the medic know how many hit-points you have (though, I am happy to be corrected if that was the intent).
An X of Y HP might be more the intent - "What health are you down?" "0 of 10" or "0 of 14" or "21 of 21! I am Healthier Than Your Entire Staff! Muhahahah!" -etc.
Thoughts from Staff on what the intent was?

~ C
Cripple Body is only in a Cyborg path, not Psychic. Psychics get access to Paralyze (Obey, don't move as long as I point at you), which is similar but different.

Also, Bandage/First Aid specifically call out Cripple (Limb), not cripple body. It really is its own effect vs. the limbs, which I think is fine. Cripple Body is rare and, well, crippling. Because consider, if it was a "5th Limb," then aggressively bandage and have their body crippled, or throw Cripple Packets as a psychic and call for cripple body right from the get go. Have a body crippled is really damning, and I like its rarity. I saw it used three times this game. It was used to prevent a suicide attempt, and twice trying to get a live Drom for study. (The first was killed by some trigger happy Firearms users).

"What health are you down" was just to tell you the value that could be healed. Knowing current HP is a power only found in the scientist tree (and it costs energy).
Right - the question is: "Can I?" ...not "Should I?" Tongue It is obviously not optimal.

I, too, believe that 'Cripple Body' is separate from Cripple Limb; but I'm trying to double-check, and double-check the intent of the rules.
Especially against a few scenarios, as that will help me better understand what they are going for.

For example: If someone already has 4 crippled limbs and somehow manages to go to 0 HP again, can I use Medic or a Medkit to Cripple Body, just to get them 'breathing' again?
(Would this be me breaking their ribs to do something medical, because broken ribs is preferable to death?... or can it just not be done?)

I assume NO.
I assume that person is just screwed unless a Stimpack is used, or people wait for that person to bleed out, go unconscious, and then Resuscitate them.

I ask because the scenario of 'someone getting surgery done on them, but then something busts through the door and hits them down to 0' is a plausible scenario.

~ C

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