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Biomanipulation 3?
The Biomanipulation Path states that Psychokinesis Rank 3 is a prerequisite for learning it. There are three Ranks per Path. Doesn't this mean that Biomanipulation 3 is impossible to get, given the restriction of 5 powers a Psychic can learn? Or is there some factor I'm totally missing here?
All characters are restricted to 5 Paths, each of which has 3 ranks. Psychics are thus limited to 5 Psychic Paths, which translates to 15 abilities (or "powers", if you like). Psychics are not additionally limited in any way (except by being required to have at least 1 rank in SIC specific path, just like every non-human SIC).
I was referring to the statement that "Because of the physical toll, no psychic has ever been able to manifest more than 5 powers" when I mentioned limits for Psychics.

So the statement that Psychics can only manifest 5 powers is redundant with the fact that there are only 5 possible powers and learning more than 5 is impossible as the world state currently stands?
What it's saying is that you can't purchase Biomanipulation 1 until you have at least Psychokinesis 3. Compare this to, say, Gadgeteer, which requires at least 1 Rank in Technician.

Surgeon 1 requires Medic 3, for example.
"Biomanipulation" is the "power". "Biomanipulation 3" indicates three levels of competency in 1 power, not three distinct powers.
So Power is the Path, not the Ability. Got it.
(04-29-2015, 12:10 PM)Raissa DeArmond Wrote: So Power is the Path, not the Ability. Got it.

You got it.

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