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Psychic tattoo placement
In the Psychic handbook, it says both that "Tattoos are uniformly placed on the back of the hands, on the forearms, and on the neck" and that "most psychics end up getting their marks in visible locations like the face, neck, chest, arms or hands". So, IS there required, standard (uniform) placement of tattoos, or is there just places they're usually kept, or is any clearly visible location ok?
Hunh. I read "uniformly" to mean "lined up neatly, not all helter-skelter".
(04-29-2015, 11:04 AM)John Pariury II Wrote: Hunh.  I read "uniformly" to mean "lined up neatly, not all helter-skelter".

This Smile
Has there been any official decisions made RE: number and location for Game 2? I know in the manual it says "hands, forearms, or neck" but is it all of them, just one of choice? And did staff ever come to a consensus on the uniform size and method of application?
They need to be large enough to be visible from a distance. You pick a spot from the available list for each tattoo, so if you have one power you have one tattoo on one of the spots. Application is a tattoo, IG. You can use make-up, henna, temp tattoo ink, etc to rep that.

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