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Tagged Buildings...
Is there any way for character IG to make or build a tagged building?  For example, if I want a Work Bench in our barracks.
William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
I don't see why it couldn't happen. Assuming you didn't get denied during the tagged building phase, did you contact UEF camp or the genacorp liason IG? I would consider them the people to talk to about that as red river.
Nope, not asking about a predesignated building. Asking if I can turn MY building into a tagged building, or having 'building assets' Smile
William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
I have to say, I really like having tagged buildings. It's a great way to add strategic value to certain landmarks and positions.

I had thought that it would be necessary to have more tagged buildings, given the distances I was seeing between areas. But given that the site is quite a bit smaller than I thought, it's easier to see why certain tags for buildings would be rare.

Of course, without an idea of what kinds of building tags we can make, it's hard to figure out what we can aim for...
Tagged buildings are listed on page 45 of the rule book.
Wile E. Coyote
[Image: acme-logo.png]
subcontractor of Wartime Salvage
So they are! Tongue
I like the idea of each group having some sort of 'tactical resource' that their group is in charge of.
Moreover, the notion of 'there is a specific place to do this - doing it outside of that place is costly and/or prohibitively costly' is a nice game mechanic.
People don't often use 'distance' as a parameter in a Larp, so it is nice seeing it used in Spite:
"I could repair this right now, or, I could do it for half cost if I go to the workbench."
"I could heal this crippled limb now and it would be costly... or I could bring a nurse and go do it for free at the medical facility."

To note, controlling the resource can make a huge difference, and in some ways represents a 'CG Bonus / CG Ability.'
To note, though I don't think there were any Non-Genacorp researchers, if there were, I strongly doubt that they would have been given permission to use the Genacorp lab.
This is an advantage that a Hands for the Future Scientist or a Military Scientist would not have, if one appeared on the scene.

I would not be against the idea of new tactical resources appearing in the game, so each group gets their Unique Thing (maybe they do - I only saw the Genacorp lab, the warsal workbench, and the Hands medical/counseling facility).
If you needed some more combat-oriented ones for the Military or Red River, they could be things like: "Fortified Position" (Certain skills cost less to use while standing here / using this attached support weapon) or "Semi-Legal Stockpiles" (If you use a Plutonium Round while at this location, you can use it a second time within the next 10 minutes. At that time, destroy the tag.) ... those are a couple off the top of my head, but I can come up with tons of these things if staff want to explore the notion.

I can also see Tactical Resources™ being exchanged/used to build new facilities between games...
...though I like the idea of making new things, instead of duplicating existing things ("UEF says there's already a lab so they aren't paying for a second one to be built - ask for something else."). This way, the advantages of each faction more distinct over time.

WarSal recovered enough big-boxes of Salvage and get to choose some goodie. They decide they want to set up something to help with communications. Okay. They do that, and, they have a 'Communications Room' now ... which... would do something. Maybe do something related to the Communications ability. Maybe give them a page of 'chatter' that people with Coms 3 don't get.
Hands for the Future saved a lot of lives? They get some sort of bonus for that, and choose to have 'steady supply lines' - which might be represented by automatically adding a few items to their supply closet at the start of every game.

Those be my thoughts Tongue

~ Conor
Contact if you'd like to be considered for a tagged buildings. Tagged buildings are given out very sparingly, for game/CG balance reasons. We are actually taking a few out for next game. We'd be happy to look over your request, however. Smile
Conor, those are my thoughts on differentiating the CG's. Get out of my head Tongue
Wile E. Coyote
[Image: acme-logo.png]
subcontractor of Wartime Salvage
I want to avoid getting MORE kinds of tagged structures into the game, because I don't think we want more complexity.

People are already drawn to fighting at certain locations, defending certain structures or people. I don't want to further incentivize not leaving your location. Combat abilities are already balanced against not having the ability to have them reduced. Keeping track of a "Free Charge" of a tagged item will get real murky, real fast.

Overall, I like the tagged facilities that we have, I don't want to make it harder to keep track of. I believe part of the design philosophy of spite is simplicity.

(04-29-2015, 10:55 AM)William Myers Wrote: Nope, not asking about a predesignated building.  Asking if I can turn MY building into a tagged building, or having 'building assets' Smile

Er, right. I was asking if you talked to a higher up IG about the possibility of establishing a workbench in your building.

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