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"Secret Agenda" characters
We have a number of openings for PCs that have "Secret Agendas" that are Plot-supported. The in-game risk level for these positions varies. Some positions are things like cross-faction spies or people who simply have convincing but fake identification, while others are SIC based ("your experimental Exim drugs drive you crazy in this particular way," "Your android is missing one of the laws and has a new one in its place," etc). Some of these are more RP driven (like a spy or the crazies), while some of them are specifically combat driven ("you are here to assassinate a specific leader.") Because of this, some of them are very likely to get your character killed, while some of them will simply create an "RP time-bomb" that goes off once you're found out. These things could take several events to come together, and for some of them we won't even share the details with you, you'll find them out In Game as well. If we get a lot of interest, we won't be able to give something to everyone, but if you're interested in playing a character with a specific sort of "Betrayal" arc, let us know (privately) so that we can get more details about the type of thing that you're interested in and the types of roles that we think will fit for you. If you've got general questions and don't want to post them publicly, send them to me and I'll post answers in this thread for everyone to read.
If I weren't in the Hive, I would totally sign up to be secret agenda'd
Don't All PCs have secret agendas? Or is that just me?
My Llama can kick your Ass.
Maude  "Granny" Miller-Lawrence

All PCs do have secret agendas but not necessarily plot specific ones. We will, of course, endevour to run as much plot based off of character ideas as we can but by having a plot supported secret agenda, a character will have an inside track to not only getting plot but putting it out there for other players. Sure this means giving up some character agency but can result in some neat RP experiences.

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