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Between Games...
I'm sure this is something that must come up in virtually any LARP that has a gap of more than a couple of months: how do people determine what has been going on IG between April and September? I don't mean big plot stuff, as I imagine anything of note will be announced by the gamerunners closer to the
2nd game.

How do people figure out flavorful goings-on and interactions with other characters? For example, Josef will have been running around with Wartime Salvage for almost six months when we start back up, but I still haven't spent any more time getting to know everyone than three days. I haven't done this before.

Do people just make it up during the second game, improving story in the same way that we did during the first game?
Do people say that events and plans have been developing during the in-between months and are just now getting ready to be implemented?
Have people collaborated OOG, such as on forums like this? ( Big Grin If so, does anyone want to start writing in story?)

Finally, and this is addressed mostly to the plot crew, have our characters had any leave to go home since game 1?
My assumption is that in the intervening months, we've all sort of gone off to do other things elsewhere for our respective CGs. If there are players you can collaborate with to come up with stories involving places other than the eventspace, more power to you.
Isn't that what the In Game and Faction forums are for? Every other LARP I've played has done forum-based roleplaying between events.
I've never done another LARP, so I don't know. I had assumed that the IG Forums were mostly for making announcements or coordinating in a central place during the game or for doing some basic group planning just before the games. But that's because I hadn't considered forum-based roleplaying. How has that worked for your other LARPs? Have you done specific events and encounters on the forum? Or broader scope passing of time?

JP - Interesting. I had assumed that we has retaken Camp Kirby and were going to continue operating from there, mostly all together, as a UEF headquarters. I hadn't considered the possibility that it was a temporary thing for the CGs to be cooperating. That could make sense, though. I guess we'd have to get a ruling on that.
My assumption is that folk come and go doing things with their groups, but, that folk aren't ever gone for too long (and, that this is strictly regulated so that we always have lots of personnel around). Maybe some people leave for training or repairs, which might take a bit longer, but most of the time, folk would be at Camp Kirby.
This might differ a little bit for different factions. For example - I can see Wartime Salvage being around less than others- as they are doing their job when they are off gathering stuff.
The Military, however, are doing their job when they are guarding the area and killing any Droms that wander near.

Having said that, I don't see it as very rigid, either. If you were at the first game but can't be at the second, it is entirely reasonable that 'you were needed for a mission / training / were on leave.' If you want your character to not know what has been going on between games, then don't read the IG boards and say they got pulled away to another UEF operation elsewhere for the intervening months.
I came to these assumption because the UEF were 'reclaiming' Camp Kirby... and seeing as it was previously over-run, they would want to make sure that didn't happen again.
So - lots of boots on the ground - meaning we would likely be staying put.
There might also be other IG reasons we'd be staying put, too, so it's a very good question! Smile

The IG forums and the PM system is there to help people RP between games, as well as coordinate things in an IG way (which is RP, too Smile )...
...but, that's not the only way we could do it.
If someone wanted to hold a barbecue and invite their squad, faction, or whole game - that'd be okay. It'd likely be assumed that such an event might be held 'somewhere near Camp-Kirby' or some-such, and it could be assumed that those who aren't attending are holding-down-the-fort at the main part of the Camp.

I, too, would be interested in an official word... though... the official word might be 'here's what it is generally, but otherwise, it's whatever you need it to be' sort of thing Smile

~ Conor
My reasoning is that six months is a long time to be around such a confined space with so many people. Certainly by the end of a day and a half of gameplay, we know much more about some members of the community at large than we did at the start of the event. Over the first event, a number of in-game friendships were struck, the possibilities of in-game romances bloomed and died, some bitter rivalries were sewn. Extrapolate that over effectively 120 events (1.5 days per event, 30 days a month, 6 months), and we'd all be much tighter (or much more at one another's throats) than we were at the end of the first event. But there's not really an organic way to simulate that degree of understanding among so many players. It just can't feasibly be done.

At the same time, the gamespace is, in real-world terms, a fairly small area of play. What our own real-world familiarity of the play area should be isn't going to be representable by the time the second game occurs. There are probably a dozen nooks and crannies that we haven't found, plus each group probably has their own preferred fallback spots, etc. from that first event that should become pretty obvious after a month or two of constant cohabitation.

While there's definitely a certain amount of hand-waving and suspension of disbelief that would need to be done to cover the differences between what we experience vs. what we talk about, I think the gap between the two is probably a wider gulf than any of us can really recognize. I've run a couple of other LARPs where events happened as frequently as every three weeks; I've lived in areas where one chapter or another had an event going about 3 weekends out of every month. I don't know that we can realistically recreate that degree of integration in a game that only occurs twice a year or so.

IMO, between-event rp is fun for fleshing out small groups of characters, but it's a poor substitute for 80+ person communities; there's just too many individuals that do their own individual things. And online roleplay always rubs me the wrong way for a live-action roleplaying game.

Certainly, from an in-world perspective, it makes sense that the UEF as a whole has been holding down Kirby the entire time, and that representatives and groups from each CG have been filtering through over the intervening months. Just because ACME isn't there doesn't mean WTS never did any salvaging over the summer, or just because Rico's Roughnecks weren't there, it doesn't mean the Military had no presence. But that doesn't have to (and imo, shouldn't) mean it was the characters we all play. Stuff happened, it just probably didn't happen to us, because we did Other Things®.
We will be making general "what's been going" on announcements for the game as a whole and for each CG. As for your individual actions, that's up to you. Some general guidelines:
-Your actions shouldn't effect plot or setting.
-Your actions can't gain you items or credits.
-You're welcome to have conversations with other PCs but make sure you have their permission.

If you'd like to work with plot to have an official downtime, where you can get special plot information and MAYBE effect setting and the upcoming game, we offer a downtime response as something you can buy with hive points:

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