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Stacking Repair Benefits
How does a work bench and a repair kit stack?

Repair Kit: "Reduces Remove Sunder active abilities by 1 En."

Work Bench: "All Technician active abilities have their costs reduced by half while using this facility."

Do these benefits stack? If so, in what order? Because one way to read that is: "My repair ability costs 2 En. I am at a work bench; half of 2 is 1 En. I have a toolkit; 1 minus 1 is 0 En. I repair this item for 0 En."

That seems acceptable, since you still lose the repair kit. I just want to make sure that this interpretation is within the intentions of these rules.
The facilities bonus applies first in every situation.
Benefits, especially regarding consumables, stack... though I am fairly sure you can only apply one building and one item to any given task (Please correct me if I am wrong on this).
Building effects always apply first.
It *is* possible to reduce EN costs to 0, but, circumstances are rare, tend to only be specific skills, and tend to involve the combined use of buildings, one-use items, and/or Nurses.

The idea is that you are 'spending the item' instead of your energy... which is why the 'money' aspect of the game is important; because money is an indirect way to have more energy and/or more skills when it comes to common tasks.

~ Conor

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