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Spite Photo Shoot
Just wanted to give this a little BUMP!
What exactly are you looking for? Do you want us to have a team get together and dress up and shoot pictures of themselves looking good, or do you want to have a structured shoot somewhere where you have staff and multiple factions on hand for shoots? What sorts of pictures are you looking for, if you just want teams to do it?
In general people looking good. We want to get some good solo shots of the various SICs but group shots will also be needed.
Yeah, I want some pro-semipro shots for the Spite website. We'll do some SIC shots, CG shots, individual group shots, and maybe some solo shots of folks with really intricate costuming. Come in your best costume and be ready to get your photo snapped. I'll be making an announcement shortly with more details and a place to follow updates.
Updated OP with the new information for the shoot.

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