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Hard Line On Painted Blasters
Last game we were a bit relaxed about unpainted blasters and were thrilled that we saw very few. Game 2 we are going to enforce the no unpainted blasters rule. If you don't think you can come up with a painted blaster before the next game, post on the forums or Facebook page and I am sure someone can hook you up with a loaner.
Just to clarify, by "unpainted blasters", you mean strictly to avoid day-glo bright plastic colors, yes? GM gray, or blasters dyed to base black or the like would be fine?
That'd be fine.
Just out of curiosity, is it unacceptable to have a blaster that is 95% painted, but with key moving parts unpainted?

For example, I want to paint my Hammershot, but I would really rather not paint the hammer or the trigger because those are moving parts and certain paints just aren't comfortable to repeatedly touch with my bare skin.

Sorry if this is a redundant question.
Thank you for the question Phil. That would be fine. Unless you sand them down a bunch or dye them, painting the moving parts can jam up the gun, so we aren't sticklers for that.

This thread was in response to a small handful of folk who had completely unpainted blasters. I'd say as long as it is 90% painted, it works for us. Just keep in mind, good props and costuming increase immersion for everyone.
Thanks! I appreciate the clarification!

In lieu of painting, I'm planning on using vinyl camo stickers on the guns. leaves the option for better/different paint later (or for use in games that require UN-painted guns).
So, question - in general, I can appreciate that there is a certain aesthetic that the game is striving for, but by the same token, like, whoa dude, the future is now, man, you know what I mean?

To what extent is a "bad-ass serious" color scheme on weapons required? Things like this are real world firearms *now*. Are melee and throwing weapons required to use certain primary tones, or can I have Rainbow Brite thrown weapons?
We are just looking for a little effort. If someone wanted a pink camo rifle, we'd be okay with it (and have seen it at another game, it was glorious). The basic black is just a bare minimum. If folks want louder colors that's fine. The basic black coat covers all the logos and some of the sillier / unrealistic blaster paint jobs. We just don't want NERF to have become an actual weapons manufacturer in the future.

I'd also be fine with if someone REALLY liked the color scheme on a blaster and just sanded off and painted over the logo portions.

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