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Suggested change to Comm2
So, Battletac as an app has mixed results. Some carriers have spotty coverage, some phones kill the app when people aren't active on their phone or when the app wasn't the last thing on. BattleTac allows a few different functions. I would like to propose that the Comm2 skill allow for the continued use of the functions of the app, while broadening out the manner in which that is executed.

There are three primary functions that it seems the app serves:
1 - tracking members against a map
2 - allow text-only SMS messaging through the app
3 - allow replacement of a standard GPS map with a customized version (i.e. we can set up where buildings are, mark them as IDF, Red River, or whatever) as well as live updating of the custom maps.

All of these functions can be replaced with other tools. Why not just have Comm 2 allow those four functions, and leave it to players to determine what technology achieves that best for them? You could still suggest BattleTac as the benchmark of functionality, but give players the freedom to make accessing those functions in whatever way best suits their real-world resources and the technical limitation of site access.

For instance, If someone really wanted to use their smart phone, iMessage allows you to share your location.

Or, instead of requiring everyone on your team to carry a smartphone for reporting to the app, you could a variety of devices:

SMS text-only messaging is pretty straight forward. To use it, you must have Comm2.

There are also a number of custom map apps for both Android and IOS.

To be clear, I'm not in any way suggesting that Comm2 needs to be made more powerful - only that its functionality could be made more accessible. Obviously if you decide that the technical limits of the BattleTac app are desirable, more power to it.
I'm concerned that you'd have to buy your way into the functionality then - especially across multiple team members.

I love the idea behind it though - I just can't think of a universally available solution. =/
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I think comm 2 tech reliant at such a remote site...that it makes it difficult for an entire team to use any cell phone based system without having to "switch carriers" to make it work.

I'd like to see some other functionality for Comm 2.
(07-20-2015, 06:44 PM)Jeff Kramer Wrote: I'm concerned that you'd have to buy your way into the functionality then - especially across multiple team members.
Aren't we already doing that by requiring cell phones on each team member? I'd suggest this is actually the cheaper way to go: the guy with Comms can have a smartphone (as it is now), and each team member can carry a $20 chip instead of a $200 smartphone. Added bonus: less risk of loss.

"Must buy a thing in order to make a skill useful" is pretty universal across most skills. Whether it's dart guns, radio-control cars, walkie-talkies, or quadcopters with nerf darts, you're buying your way into being able to use the skill.
As a note, we are working on the wifi issue at site. We should have a strong signal for all next game. We cannot guarantee carrier waves will be great.
Hey T-Mobile Users - I've... got a weird plan that may-or-may not be helpful, but, is free.
I'm going to create another thread to talk about it, but, this thread has inspired it.

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