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T-Mobile: As related to Comms and other things.
While this isn't strictly related to rules, it's related to that other thread talking about Comms.
I have a plan that may or may not work, for T-Mobile users, but in the very least it's free and it won't make things worse for T-Mobile users.

T-Mobile give free Signal Boosters to their customers.

They are a two-part device that communicates wirelessly.
You put the antenna bit near a window and/or other place where you are getting the best reception.
You put the other bit in the center of the area you are trying to cover; it covers about a 50 - 100ft radius (best guess).

Bad news:
They only give out one per account, and the range on them isn't great.
They may also require that the antenna bit be somewhere that can get some coverage to work at all.

Good News:
They are free; just call up T-Mobile and ask for yours.
It may be better than nothing. It might work better with several in an area.
It could work as desired, too - and end up giving 'coverage' to several key buildings at the site.

So yeah - if you are a T-Mobile user, call them up (or go into a store) and ask for your free Signal Booster... and then remember to bring it to game!
If folk want to coordinate on doing this, this thread might be a good place to do so.

~ Conor

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