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Lost a spring on my Nerf gun... Count as modification?
So I took apart my Strongarm so I could paint it better, and in the process a spring went flying out and disappeared. It's not a crucial spring, it just means the gun doesn't stay cocked, so in order to shoot I have to hold down the trigger and cock the gun.
I decided not to worry about it and put it back together, and threw some electrical tape on it for aesthetics. 

However since it's technically no long stock inside, would this be considered a mod and be banned from Spite? It doesn't increase rate of fire, or dart velocity, as this method of shooting was an option even with the spring, it's just that I now have to fire that way.

If I really have to I could probably buy a new gun, grab the spring from that and put it in. I'd just really rather not because that's an extra $10 and I'd have to redo all the tape.
Hi Skyler,

Sorry to hear you lost your spring. Unfortunately, since it does modify how the gun fires it wouldn't be allowed. We have to be careful about mods and not make exceptions, even in cases like this. I usually hate the slippery slope argument but it kinda fits here. Sorry sir. If it helps, I have a strongarm that I broke while painting it. The internal parts are all good, I just gummed up some of the external works because it was my first go at painting. I'll happily give it to you to save you some cash.
Ah, shoot. Oh well. 

Thank you very much, I seriously appreciate the offer! I think one of my friends mentioned possibly having one as well so I'll probably talk to them first, though. Smile

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