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Nerf Darts - best place to stock up?
So, I'm looking to get a large shipment of darts, and am considering the best/most cost effective way to do do.

While I'm sure I can get a huge amount on eBay direct from the manufacturers in China, I'm not too sure what the quality would be like.

On the other hand, I can get real Nerf-brand packs of 75 or so, but it would cost a good deal more.

Anyone else have experience with this, and any advice to give?
Hi James,

Welcome to the boards !

You are correct that you can get some bulk darts from the overseas vendors that do the knock-off versions of the darts. The darts from those manufacturers are pretty decent in quality and in my opinion may last or hold up a little better than the official Nerf branded darts. A couple of things to note from seeing these darts in person:

-They do look the same EXCEPT the tint of the orange tip and blue/foam dart body are slightly off in color. Thus by looking at them side by side, you can usually tell the difference which is which.
-The rubber tip of the knock-off is a LOT more solid that the NERF branded dart. The NERF tip is a lot more "hollow" and soft versus the knock-off which is more solid. When it comes to flight, they are about the same but getting hit with a knock-off is a little more noticeable. With that being said, the darts have NOT been banned from use at SPITE (as they are not technically modified) and it would be extremely hard to enforce visually since by quick glance you would never know the difference unless you know what you're looking for. I did see a few of these at game #1 flying around with no problems and they caused no problems.

Ideally the knock-off darts are a great way to be cost-effective in getting a lot of darts for cheap if you're willing buy a LOT of them at once and wait for them to be delivered from overseas (typically 3-6 weeks).

If you want to see the difference, I have a few to show you if you make it into downtown Seattle anytime on the weekends or live near the northend of Seattle.

I hope this helps !


SPITE ended up buying a huge pile of the Chinese darts and on my end I didn't really notice any difference as far as quality, accuracy, distance or resilience. I am no NERF expert though so you may want to ask a few people who really know NERF well. We got something like 400 darts for $20. Way cheaper than NERF brand darts. And since SPITE's UEF camp is using them they are obviously not being banned at this time and I don't expect that they will be in the future.

Ours were something like this:
Hi James,

The knock-offs are allowed, since they are a manufactured product. Just no homemade ammo.
Oh, stefans were never even in the equation. Quality control would be a nightmare, so I'm glad they're banned from here.

Anyways, that's all very helpful, so now it's off to find a decent vendor!

Thanks guys.
Hey James

I have 3000 darts for the military.

and 100 18 dart clips...

...and 200 discs...

...and...some clips for that too...

and...glow in the dark ammo for when we have the special ammo...

both in dart...and...disc...form...


...I'll stop there.

Talk to me about darts in the military!

Victory through volume-metric firepower! And never have to "restock" darts, in the middle of a fight!

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