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Spite web interface closed Alpha
If you can see this, you're invited to try out the Spite character manager, and in-game money system.

Known issues
  • There is no hacking right now.
  • You cannot share your business account yet.
  • Dates on the in-game site are relative to the present, not the future.
  • Cannot print an account card and QR code (just share URLs with each other to view each others' people and accounts.
  • No e-checks yet.
  • Character sheet print version doesn't look pretty
  • Cannot register for events or buy items yet.
Given all that, we'd love to hear your thoughts on its usability: what appears to not work, how easy it is to figure out how to do things, what you'd like to see to make it useful.  Threads in this forum will most likely be moved to the regular technical questions and discussion forum when we open it up.

Spite Technomancy Team
Jimmy, Brian, and Barbara
If you'd like to view somebody else's account, you may visit after you've logged into your in-game account. Here's an example person:
I can take my starting character, buy pre-reqs for skills, buy the advanced skills, and then sell off the pre-reqs (kinda). There seems to be some kind of cleanup going on, but it looks like it does it in a weird order. When a skill gets sold off, it seems to only check to make sure that the pre-sale character is valid. For example, the following occurs:

Firearms 3
Finesse 3
Melee 3
Brutality 3

Sell Melee, the new card reads:
Firearms 3
Finesse 3
Brutality 3

Sell Firearms, the new card reads:
Finesse 3

Medic/Surgeon runs into this same issue.
Oops, I broke it:
This mostly has to do with Jack I think (the buttons are a little screwy):
You can't just search for people on the search screen. That's fine, but it should let you know that that's the case rather than giving you a 404.
Also it seems like I should be able to transfer money to hackmaster, but I can't pull up his account. I can pull up the person section, but it tells me that details are unavailable.
Jack of all trades is a bit confusing. The rest seems good. Will it look different in the final version? Most of my notes are aesthetic, since this isn't my field.
Workaround: BorkedIt1 is fixed by refreshing the page.
Matt - I've addressed the prerequisites issue and the BorkedIt1 issue, both should be fixed when we release Beta on Monday. We're working on the Jack button issue; it's an oddly sticky problem.

Ron - I am open to suggestions on a way to make Jack less confusing without significantly disrupting the design. When you release a revised version of the rules, I'll update the description to whatever's in the new rulebook.

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