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Character Rewrite for a Limited Time
In light of the new patch and the fact that we just ran our first game, if you'd like to rewrite your character;s build, please contact with your new build. This offer is good for the next 3 weeks.
As a reminder, the rewrite is over FRIDAY!

I will be accepting requests until FRIDAY at 11:59:59 PM. At midnight on Saturday, request are over.

I have a number of people who have sent me requests that I need additional information from. If you are one of those people, please email me back ASAP. I can make no promises that clarifications made after the Friday deadline will be honoured, since I'll be in crunch-time now for the event.

PLEASE, take advantage now and send emails for requests today!!!
Head of Logistics Department
Today is the last day to submit a character rewrite!! I will be processing the 2-3 I have in my inbox around NOON, so look for emails back on that around 12:30.

If you haven't submitted a rewrite or haven't heard back by around 1, please email again. Alternately, feel free to PM on these boards to confirm if you don't hear back by 1 PM.

At 11:59 and 59 seconds tonight, I shut off all acceptances of rewrites, so please be mindful of the deadline! Smile
Head of Logistics Department
Thanks Barb for all your hard work ! Smile

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