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Radio Question
Are the radio channels (on the news list) the main channel only, with no sub-channels allowed?
I don't understand this question.
The current list is all the channels we plan to use. Make sure to check the available channel list at game to see which ones you can access.
Some radios have "sub-channels" by using CTCSS. CTCSS is a way to prevent you from hearing people who aren't on the same "sub-channel" as you, but doesn't stop other people from hearing you who aren't using CTCSS. For example:

Bob is on Channel 5, using CTCSS tone 17
Frank is on Channel 5, using CTCSS tone 17
Sally is on Channel 5, but doesn't have a radio that supports CTCSS tones or simply isn't using it.

Bob can hear Frank
Bob cannot hear Sally
Frank can hear Bob
Frank cannot hear Sally
Sally can hear both Bob and Frank
Sally has no indication that Bob or Frank can't hear her
Frank and Bob have no indication that Sally can hear them.

The "subchannels" don't provide privacy and can generally only cause confusion (and we're certainly not going to get involved in standardizing the tones used) so we'd recommend avoiding them.
Matt -- Thanks.

Ron -- Any chance of knowing those before game? My radio can be set to scan only certain channels (Comms 2), but has to be programed to do so, and it would be far easier to accomplish before game. It doesn't work on the "Scan channels 1,2 and 5" system: Each of the channels to be scanned has to be entered by frequency.
One of our major concerns before last game was the clarity of the local radio channels. As we know now, the whole area was completely dead so we could use whatever we wanted. We're going to check again before game on to make sure that there's not a construction crew on any of our channels or anything, but we anticipate using:
1: Common Channel for open use
2: UEF for Comms 1
3-10: Open for Comms 2
11: Hive

Some manufacturers only have channels 1-16 or 1-10, but all of the Hive radios have access to 11, so we're going to leave as many channels as we can open for all radios. I doubt we'll need more than 8 independent channels available at a time anyways.

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