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Reason With the Irrational
So a couple questions

-Does R.W.T.I.  affect everything? Including the drom? 
-Assuming you are talking to more than one person (such as two people at the same time) and can hit people with the packet, can you affect more than one person with R.W.T.I. ?
- Finally a question about role playing R.W.T.I., is discourse allowed while using the ability (provided my hand stays up), I.E. I am talking to my target and ask them a question can I allow them to answer the question? or do I need to filibuster? 

I have a feeling my first question will only get a straight answer if i try it in game lol
1. FOIG (Find Out In Game)

2. As long as you keep a hand out towards each target, you can keep two targets at bay.

3. The RP rules are meant to be a loose suggestion. As long as the physical requirements are met and there is discourse occurring it can be a filibusterer or a back and forth.

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