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Spitting bugs
Can a spitting bug be stopped with "Cripple Limb"? I would assume not, but since the players have to actually hold their guns...
I am not aware of any bugs that spit... Dromanae use the same rules as PCs. Packets = psychic effects, blasters = blasters, claws = claws.
Ah, I thought the blasters were representing acid spit. The bugs are more advanced than I thought. That certainly makes it easier to take them out.
We're a WYSIWYG game, afterall. They have shields and guns that they bring against us.
Mr. F, on the one hand, that's true. On the other hand, I have to ask a dead bug what happens to it each time I kill one. And it answers me.
Talking to the bugs and they're answering, Captain Brillo? I think we should bring you to Hands and you can have a talk with someone for a little while.....
How else do we know if they turn to goo, have something left behind or with a tag, etc. I'm all for what you see is what you get, but I'm yet to see a bug *actually* turn to goo.
That was something we needed to establish better, so we allowed our NPCs to give brief descriptions of what occurred when they died. We hope to address this better in the future.

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