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What's been going on between game 1 & 2
After the successful retaking of Camp Kirby the UEF was able to reestablish the extraction point for refugees fleeing from the Vancouver Hive. This has resulted in the preservation of a lot of civilian lives. Many new faces have filtered through the camp, seeking refuge or working guard duties for the UEF.

Things began quickly winding down at the camp after the events of the last mission. Many contractors moved onto other minor missions, to continue the fight against the Droms. Those who remained found the time to be relatively quiet and uneventful at the camp. A few minor bug attacks here and there but nothing of great note.

Lately, there has been a pattern of increasing Dromanae movement around camp Kirby and contractors from all CGs have been recalled to the area as a precaution. As a reward for the continued efforts of the contractors, a USO show has been organized to entertain those present at the camp.

OOG: If you haven't purchased a downtime response with Hive Points you are encouraged to come up with your own story as to what your character has been up to. Please note, these are just stories of minor misadventures and cannot be used to affect cannon or gain resources. For example: Your character could've gone on a minor extraction mission to get a group of stranded contractors out of a hot zone during your downtime.

Please check your CG specific board for a more CG specific "What's been going on".

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