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Internet at our September event
Last event, we had some issues with Internet connectivity, particularly during opening.  I'm happy to say that that situation will be improved next event, but it's not a perfect solution.

Here are the ways in which things will be improved from last time.
  • Each CG will have a wireless hotspot in (one of) their building(s).  All these hotspots will be broadcasting the same wireless network (probably UEF), so you don't have to switch networks when going between buildings.  These hotspots will only be able to support a limited number of connections at a time (we're working on the details, but it won't be infinite).
  • At opening, Logistics and the ATM laptop(s) will have their own network and uplink so we shouldn't have problems with them being unresponsive.
Here are things that you can do to help us keep our system reliable.
  • If you have good signal, it will probably be more reliable to use your own mobile data than our Wi-Fi.  Our hotspots will be connecting to mobile data just like yours will, and you don't have to share your connection if you're using your own.  You also won't be using bandwidth that somebody else might want.
  • If you need wi-fi at opening, it will probably be more reliable to use your CG's hotspot than the main hall's.  Last event, we overwhelmed the site's poor uplink, so everyone's connections kept timing out.  If that happens to you, you can help both yourself and everyone else by hopping over to your cabin to do your Internet activities.
  • If you're not currently using the wi-fi, disconnect from the hotspot so somebody else can use that bandwidth slot.  We won't be policing this at all, but use your best judgement as to whether you need to be connected.
Would bringing additional routers help or hurt?

Marvin the Martian
[Image: acme-logo.png]
Subcontractor for Wartime Salvage
Potentially hurt, unless you're running internet off of your own device. We have a maximum number of connections we can support, and the routers take up one by themselves.

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