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Community Craft: Messages Left Behind
This turned out amazing. Thanks for organizing, and putting this together. It made for a rad scene piece.
I concur - these were really awesome.
Now that I've seen what these are like, I think there's a better chance of participating and adding my own.

I also like the idea of having a section that are for things made by the PCs that are living there, relevant to the PCs living there.
Advertisements for things that happen during the non-game days: 'Wednesday Night - Poker-Hands for the Future'
Or for RP things players are doing during uptime and downtime (like the 'Sleep Study' thing I put up in the IG forum, which I will have a poster for, for next game)
Or for straight-up advertisements and announcements: "Mr. Business' Discount Medkit O-Rama!" / "Plutonium Rounds require paperwork. Please see The Agency for more details."
- etc.

And, you know, the occasional: "I am 1003" or "Free Rosamund" Graffiti.
I loved writing those.
My Llama can kick your Ass.
Maude  "Granny" Miller-Lawrence


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