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Event Logistics

We have an event coming up! Dunno if you've heard...But it's happening! Woo! Some notes from logistics about this event:

  1. Please make sure you're on the pre-pay list. We will NOT be accepting people at the door, and this list represents the most up-to-date list we have, as of last night. If you see an error, please contact IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Please follow the directions in the new registration walkthrough and register for the event by WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT. If you register by Wednesday at midnight, you will receive the following benefits:
    • A pre-printed ID tag with your character's name and player information at logistics
    • Access to the fastest of the logistics lines
    • Saving of time and energy dealing with logistics
    • Sanity from the logistics team
  3. People who do not pre-register using the above system will likely be asked to leave the line, go pre-register at their bunk using the wifi there, and then return to logistics at the back of the line. Sorry, but this is the most effective way for us to manage the INCREDIBLE number of people who will be attending the event.

  4. There will be a series of lines at the logistics area this event, and you don't need to visit all of them. Please look for signs and follow them in the proper order. Here's a general walkthrough of what you should expect from logistics:
    • As soon as you step into the mess hall, if you did not fill in a LEGAL RELEASE at the last game (you can check that on the Character Manager at, grab a legal release from the legal release pile and FILL IT OUT. You will turn it into logistics when you get there.
    • First, if you have any sort of weapon or gadget, please report to the weapon checkers to have your weapon safety checked. They will be tagged with a zip tie of a specific colour to show they have passed muster. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE ALL OTHER LOGISTICS PROCEDURES.
    • Once weapons and gadgets are checked for safety, proceed to one of the three logistics lines, based on the following criteria:
      • If you preregistered BEFORE Thursday, have NO TAGS to print, and no questions to ask, go to station 1
      • If you have preregistered, but either have tags to print or preregistered on Thursday or Friday, go to station 2
      • If you have anything bizarre to deal with, strange questions to ask, hive points to deal with, etc, come to me (Barbara) who will be station 3. I will alternately be manning station 2, so just start a line and I'll come over if I'm not there already.
  5. If you need help with managing credit transfers or any of that sort of thing, please go to the ATM which will be set up in the mess hall BEFORE coming to logistics. We will try to ensure that area is manned like last time.

  6. If you have any questions or concerns, please email as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience. Hopefully, this event will go much smoother than the last one, and it will definitely do so if you pre-register!! Big Grin See you Friday!

Logistics Team
Head of Logistics Department
What program do I use to open these? .oxps is not recognized on my computer. Thanks.
It's a windows version of something like adobe. If you can't open them, then try the .pdfs that Jimmy posted below those.
Head of Logistics Department

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