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Bug Bounty Program
Hey all!

The technomancers have been hard at work making the Spite character manager and in-game money system great, but mere mortals that we are, we sometimes make mistakes.  Because we want to deliver the best quality experience to our players we can, and reward those who help us with that, we’re excited to announce our new Bug Bounty program.  For each new bug on you tell us about, you’ll receive one Hive Point.  Here are the requirements:

1. It has to be a bug.
We appreciate feedback about new features or places where you’re confused by the design, and such feedback will help us to shape future development, but only bona-fide bugs -- something that does not operate the way it was designed --  will get you a Hive Point.  A message that says, “Please contact your local Technomancer”, is a good indication, as is a page error, but other malfunctions can count as well.  In the end, I will be the final authority on what counts as a bug for the sake of the bounty.

2. You have to tell us about it.
The easiest and most reliable way to do that is to post a thread in this forum.  Other methods may work, but they may also fall through the cracks.  You also need to give us enough information to figure out where the bug is.  Something like, “I tried to transfer and it didn’t work” probably won’t allow us to fix the problem.  A good rule of thumb is to include Account info, Steps to reproduce, Expected results, and Actual results.  We may accept something less, but those pieces of information are almost always enough to give us a good starting point to figuring it out.

3. You have to be the first to tell us.
It won’t work if somebody else already told us about that problem, or if we already knew about it. We’ll try to post about any known issues when we update the beta site to save you time, but we might forget one or think it’s too minor to be worth mentioning, so you may just have to trust us about whether we knew about a bug.

4. It has to be on
It’s easier for us to debug if the reproduction is on test accounts we can mess with, so you need to be able to reproduce it on the beta site.  It’s okay if the bug is already on too, but you need to be able to reproduce with test accounts in order to be eligible for the bounty.  Feel free to tell us even if you can’t figure out how to reproduce it on beta, especially if it’s affecting your ability to do things, but it won’t be eligible for the bounty.

5. It can’t be during game.
If it’s a day that an actual Spite game is happening, you’re too late.  We’re trying to find bugs before they become a problem.  If you happen to find something on at game, do tell us about it at UEF camp and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible, but we’d rather you not be trying to log into beta during game to try to get the HP.

To avoid adding to the workload of our logistics staff right before game, we will be awarding these Hive Points after Game 2, not before.  On top of that, we’re also excited to announce that any bug reports that fit the above criteria are eligible to receive rewards, even before we started the program.  We will be going through the past posts on this forum to award HP after the game and will tell you here when we do.
Following is the official bug bounty list, in reverse chronological order.  If your bug is not on this list, it means I haven't evaluated your bug's eligibility, so feel free to point it out to me.  We will be keeping this list updated as we evaluate incoming bugs and award the bounties.

- Jeff Kramer - Phone numbers aren't validated - INELIGIBLE (feature)
- Jeff Kramer - Can't investigate tampering - INELIGIBLE (intended behavior)
- Jeff Kramer - Can't revoke access - DOUBLE AWARDED (Error messages identified 2 bugs)
- Mark Osten - "Offiliated" - INELIGIBLE (design bug)
- Jeff Kramer - Paypal payments aren't integrated - INELIGIBLE (feature)
- David Rimple - Can't view past registrations - INELIGIBLE (only repro on web)
- Jeff Kramer - Hacking on iPhone is broken - INELIGIBLE (found at game)
- John Pariury - Hacking on stock Android browser is broken - INELIGIBLE (found at game)
- John Pariury - Can't spend XP on beta - INELIGIBLE (working as intended with the given data)
- Phil Brown - Incorrect paypal link - AWARDED
- Jeff Kramer - Old logs preventing hacking - AWARDED
- John Pariury - Reverting character returns JSON - AWARDED
- William Myers - Error logging in - AWARDED
- Jeff Kramer - Old logs preventing traces - AWARDED
- Jeff Kramer - "Stengthened" - INELIGIBLE (design bug)
- Jeff Kramer - Lowering settings doesn't work - INELIGIBLE (working as intended)
- Mr. F - Hacking just returns JSON - AWARDED
- Jeff Kramer - Can't redeem eChecks - AWARDED
- Mr. F - Medic 2 is wrong - INELIGIBLE (design bug)
- Mr. F - Level 4 hacking doesn't increase ability - AWARDED
- William Myers - Crash selecting Jack of All Trades - AWARDED
- Mr. F - Gadgeteer has no prereqs - AWARDED
- William Myers - Crash selecting 3rd path rank - INELIGIBLE (Same as JoAT bug)
- William Myers - No abilities displayed until refresh - INELIGIBLE (feature)
- William Myers - PP - INELIGIBLE (design bug)
- William Myers - Info fields accept different things - AWARDED
- William Myers - Debug turned on - INELIGIBLE (feature)
- William Myers - Player notes renders HTML - AWARDED
- William Myers - Player notes too long - INELIGIBLE (design bug)
- Mr. F - Can apparently hack twice - AWARDED

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