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Pre-Reg's Received
There has been some interest in this list, so I'm posting the list of pre-reg's I have received as of 2:30.

Important notes:
  • Presence on this list does NOT mean you pre-paid and can check in. Only people who are on our paid list will be allowed to check in and stay on site. Sorry, but we hit site capacity. :/
  • If you are pre-reg'd and cannot attend, you can either remove yourself from the list or leave yourself on it. You won't be checked in, so there's no worries on our end.
  • If you ARE coming to the event and you are NOT on this list, please follow the directions to pre-register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Otherwise, you will need to use the long and dreaded Line 2 at check-in on Friday.
  • One last bonus!!!! If you pre-register by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, you will have a fancy Character Badge waiting for you at logistics! Ooooh! Fancy! If you don't pre-reg, you'll have to wait while one gets printed (booooo, waiting!).


Pre-Reg List as of 9/16/15 2:41 PM:

Adam F
Alex A
Alex B
Ali B
Alyssa L
Andrew M
Austin J
Barbara Martin
Ben T
Brandon S
Brian H
Brian J
Brooks D
Camilla P
Carrie RL
Cass J
Cassie M
Charlie D
Christopher P
Cindy H
Cody H
Cody M
Cody N
Conor T
Craig W
Crystal A
Danny D
Dante A
David C
David H
Deanne N
Devlin A
Dylan N
Eric E
Erik S
Frank D
Gabe DLA
Galen H
Glenn A
Holly E
Ian P
James Y
Jason W
Jeff K
Jenna J
Jessica R
Jett C
Jimmy H
Jocelyn T
Joey P
John F
John P
Jordan M
Jordan V
Joseph H
Katie B
Keegan G
Ken C
Kyra Bett.
Kyra Bru.
“Little G” – Need a real name please
Lizzy M
Lucas T
Luke D
Manuel O
Marc D
Mark G
Michael B
Michael Dey.
Michael Dod.
Michael RS
Mike H
Natalya H
Nataly S
Nathan B
Paul V
Phil B
Phillip S
Queenie T
Rachel F
Raistlyn S
Richard H
Rob B
Rolf S
Ron L
Ryan W
Sam A
Shawn K
Skyler S
Soichi I
Sori H
Stephani Y
Sulayman D
Tabitha K
Warren S
Wayne H
William M
Zarazaiel Y
Head of Logistics Department
Is "John P" me?

Not sure how to pre-reg??? Check out the handy WALKTHROUGH!!! Ooooh! So fancy!
Head of Logistics Department
There were apparently some errors we just discovered. The following people did not complete their registration successfully. Please resubmit your registration by tonight to get your fancy badge.

Dante A
David H
Ken C
Jenna J
Raistlyn S
Head of Logistics Department

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