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Feature: Will
I'd like the ability to leave my money to my team. So what I'm suggesting is that I have the ability to have my money given to a prearranged account upon my death. To keep this from being abused, it should be an existing account, so that people don't just leave money to their next character. Likely the money would not be received until the following game, since the character would have to be marked 'dead' before the money would transfer.
William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
My understanding from other discussions was "Better have a hacker on your team if you want to recover those funds!"

The alternative is a shared Merchant 1 account, since those can have people added to them.
ICly, we offer this service in ACME for a very moderate fee.

Other than that, Mr. F has the right of it. =)
Marvin the Martian
[Image: acme-logo.png]
Subcontractor for Wartime Salvage
In-game, there's still the old method of legally willing your possessions, but it has to go through probate while any debtors lay claim to it, which takes a while. And your credit accounts in the Quarantine zones are isolated from credit accounts outside, so you wouldn't even really be able to use it. Plus, who knows if the court handling your probate is still operating or hasn't been bug bombed or swamped by so many other things.

Probably quicker to just have an allied hacker surreptitiously move that money out. If they wanted you to have it anyway, who's going to prosecute?

Yet another use for having a hacker on your team.

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