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Feature: Generic E Check for "Currency Script"
I was talking to the bartender after the game this weekend, and expressed I wish there was some small currency so I could have 'tipped' her during the game.  This got me to thinking, while ECheck's can do this (I mean, I can print a 1CR echeck), its still a check off my account.  I'd love the ability to generate 1, 2, 5 cr echecks that are basically a small square currency unit.  Like... a 2" by 2" piece of paper that has just a QR code on it and maybe a 5CR text on the edges.  Anyone that has it can redeem it just by scanning it, but in and of itself, has no connection the originators account.

Its also a great way for criminals to interact with untraceable currency. Smile

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William Myers aka Cossak Symon Jenkins
I know of a way to do this within the existing system.
Care to elaborate, Ben?
Find a dead guy, hack his account, place money in dead man's account, print Dead Man Dollars e-checks. Remove link of who added money to Dead Man's Account. Until redeemed you have near unto untraceable 1 / 5 / 10 / 25 / 100 CR e-checks. For added security you have the funds funneled through multiple dead men's account and scrub up the chain.

- I didn't say it would be legal.
For an easier (but also a easier to trace) method, you could just change the name on your eCheck to look like it came from a different account. That's only one hack to figure out the connection, though, whereas Ben's method would take a few.

A method that requires no hacking but is far more risky/limited is to take the eChecks that somebody else gives you (or you find on a dead man) and, rather than putting them in your account, save them for somebody else. You just have to trust that the original eCheck doesn't get drained in the mean time by anybody who's seen it or had it in their hands.

So, yes, there are ways of creating limited amounts of difficult-to-trace credits, but it's never impossible to trace, and this is by design. Every time you put money into Dead Man's account, there's a log entry that you might fail to scrub, or leave a trace while scrubbing. Part of what makes hackers cool is the ability to "follow the money" to investigate connections.

As for making these small squares, part of that is a printing limitation. Account and eCheck printouts are only 4x6" because that's the smallest size a desktop inkjet printer can generally support. We're looking at doing something slightly different with those next time, though, so stay tuned.

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