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Favorites from Event 2
Anyone have favorites from the event?

Some of mine:
I f****** Hate Bugs, the musical.

The final two hours of Sunday, WarSal nearly going to war with Red River, then the near massacre at Raid to rescue Cargo. That last two hours was tense.

Getting dragged up and down the stairs repeatedly while wounded Saturday night.

First of all, does courting involve mandibles? Because if so, hehehe, gotcha. If not, then it should.

I definitely enjoyed all the Agency people coming over to crash with WarSal. Coming from a situation where all their lives were threatened to where a bunch of gear-heads were talking about poop buddies and watching movies seems like it may have been a little...weird for you all, but we enjoyed having you. And I don't care what the Watchers say about you guys, you're pretty cool. You may have been recording everything we did and said while hanging out, but pretty cool regardless.

I enjoyed holding the Mess Hall (or not) and seeing all the melee fighters forming up as a wall. It felt very real. I also enjoyed and was actually a little scared during the Military's FUBAR (sorry, but it was) attempt to move wounded from the hospital to the Barracks. Next time, I'm sticking with my WarSal guys.

And finally, watching my attempt to build my character spiral hilariously out of control. I brought a package of cookies from my wife (IG and OOG) that were supposed to go to the Military, along with an embarrassing note from her asking for their protection on me because she doesn't think I can handle myself. Not knowing what was in the box, I would be teased and it would be funny. Buuuuuuut, since it was marked for the UEF, it got taken there instead as a suspicious package. So, unaware of most of that, I'm walking around and see a large crowd of mostly Wartime by UEF. I go over, thinking there may be CG trouble and see everyone standing around - and well back from - a familiar-looking box. Apparently, everyone thought it was a bomb. After trying to explain that my wife does not want to blow up the UEF, we cut into the box and find the cookies, which are confiscated by the higher-ups, along with my note.
Never could have planned anything that good if I had tried. I'm probably lucky I wasn't arrested.
Bejamin Weber
Helios Fire Station - Combat Support

[Image: image.aspx?image_type=upload&image_token...1&trypng=1]
"Wait, that's my box" was one of my favorite moments as well.

So was leaning over the porch railing to find some evil spies just asking to be stabbed.
I was only half way done attaching all my magnets for my cyborg arm when the game started. So myself and Aaron (The man who brought you I Fucking Hate Bugs the musical) were sitting taping the magnets, and our tags and such for a while. Just as we're finishing up, I have my arm on and am getting ready to plug it into the power, there's a knock on the door. The door opens and there's a bug sitting in it, leading to a frantic,
"SHIT! PLUG MY ARM IN! PLUG MY ARM IN!" Thankfully Aaron only got hit once before we killed the bug.

Micheal brought it up, but WTS movie night was pretty great. I can only imagine for Agency. Being stressed out and tired after being attacked by terrorists, only to go and bunk with a bunch of light hearted goofballs. Making jokes about poo buddies and watching The Big Lebowski.
And then the three bugs that attacked and were obviously just trying to watch the movie with us.

Escorting Pinkerton to the bathroom at 3 in the morning, because he was trying to leave, half dead with no weapon.

Some of Roadrunner's shenanigans that I saw.
There very well could have been a bomb in that box. It was a completely legitimate overreaction! Wink
Head of Logistics Department
Mr. Jenkins - Nurse, Medic, Sadist.

Late night Buggin around Raid. Testing all the defenses, figuring out that no one else is crazy enough to run through the thorn bushes to follow me. Hiding among the cars. Listening to two groups of people both following me stumbling into each other and friendly fire allowed me to escape. Trying to get at Hands and surprising a lone sentry that I didn't see in the shadows. Realizing that there is no good way to approach WS from the beach and stumbling into their card game. Man what a rush.

Watcher pancake breakfast interruption.

Calling Agency guys every dirty word for cop I could come up with. "I reserve my right of counsel!"

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