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Web interface open Beta
7/11/15 update

The technomancers have been hard at work after our break, and have a couple new features for you to try out on the beta channel.
  • Hackers can now uncover logs that were deleted by other hackers, if the other hacker wasn't stealthy enough.  Log entries that have been flagged as tampered now have the option to uncover what was changed, a hack that compares your success to the success of whomever made the change.  Although, if you are the hacker who did it, you see this information automatically.
  • When a log is tampered, we now show for everyone at what time it was modified
  • Likewise, detected intrusions now have the possibility to figure out what was hack was attempted, and whether it was successful.  This checks against the other hacker's stealth.  Again, if you're the hacker who triggered the intrusion detection, you see this info automatically.
  • Information that you only see because you performed a hack (such as the identity of a hacker, or what kind of hack was attempted) is now specially colored in the log so you can tell.
  • In-game log timestamps now by default will only show time (if it was today) or date (if it was earlier than today).  You can tap them to see both pieces of information.  This allows more space for the rest of the log entry.
  • Added the favicon.
  • Fixed bug with reverting characters
As before, feel free to play around with it to see how it works (or to catch any bugs). has a few hacks to investigate.
9/3/15 Update

Hey guys,

On the beta site, we've overhauled registration, and we'd like you to give it a gander before we push it to production.  It's got a few rough edges still, but it should alleviate a good chunk of confusion people had registering for last event.  Please give it some pokes and prods, and let us know if you see any unexpected behavior or crashes.

Jimmy and the Technomancers
9/7/15 Update

We put some finishing touches on our streamlined registration system.  We plan to push this to the main web interface tomorrow (at which point you should expect some down time), so you only have one day to poke at it and let us know if you find anything.  The most important thing that you may notice is that you no longer have to manually freeze characters.  Instead, when you register a character for a game, you can no longer edit that character until either the game has passed, or you temporarily cancel that registration.  Hopefully, that process should be much more intuitive now.

Other new features to try out before game:
- In addition to trying to delete log records, hackers can now try to edit logs, which is slightly easier than deleting
- In addition to deleting and editing, some log records can be fabricated entirely.
- The eCheck creation process is now smoother and hopefully more intuitive.
- Account printouts now look better, too.

We're on a pretty aggressive release schedule, planning on deploying these changes on Wednesday to the main site.

Your Technomancers
9/16/15 Update - Sburban Countdown

A few last-minute changes for you, simultaneously deployed on beta and web, which are the last changes before game.

- Registration now looks a whole lot smoother.  It functions the same, but it's more logically grouped.
- QR codes on accounts and eChecks now automatically open a transfer dialog, since that's usually the thing you're doing when scanning.
- If you're trying to integrate with an outside website, you can add to the given URL a price and note to automatically insert a price and a note to the transfer.  For example, "|130|Order 331" will open a transfer to account 176cca67-a5e5-4734-a0b2-a15a9a608a27 for 130 credits with the comment, "Order 331".

Known issue:
If you aren't yet logged into the in-game website, or you're already on the account or eCheck page, the transfer dialogs will not automatically open.
11/21/2015 update

Greetings!  I hope you all are having a fine autumn.  The technomancers have been hard at work trying to make the next game better, stronger, faster than the last one.  To that end, there's a new version up at for you to check out, with some bug fixes and some new features.
  • Links in the in-game site have changed colors slightly.  We got some feedback that it was difficult to tell what parts were clickable, especially without a mouse, so hopefully this coloring makes it more clear.
  • Fixed bug where newly-created non-human characters couldn't buy skills unless they refreshed the page.
  • Players can now directly spend Hive Points for XP or for credits, so you no longer have to email logistics for those purchases.  There's also a fancy new page that shows you all Hive Point-related transactions.
  • Navigation in the player manager should be much easier now with a section menu that now appears below the regular menu.  Consequently, we could remove some buttons that were just, "Return to <blah>"
  • The character tables have been streamlined to give you CG and SIC information up front, and separating PCs from NPCs.
  • We will no longer show you the login page if you're already logged in.  This fixes an issue that a few people had where their friends' Facebook accounts got associated with their Spite account.
  • Balance adjustment to in-game hacking: Investigating other hacks is now twice as hard.  Previously, investigators were at a huge advantage because they in general didn't have to worry about getting caught.  This evens the playing field and makes it easier for a hacker to have gotten away with something "for now".
  • You can now upload photos of your character from your character page and we will save them.  There's still some work to be done on the styling side of that, but the basic functionality of uploading and cropping is there.  Eventually, these photos will go on your ID badge and in-game person page.
There are also a few changes to the logistics and plot side of things, but since nobody's volunteered to test those yet, it doesn't much matter.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Technomancers
3/5/16 Update

Got a couple new features on the beta that we're pretty excited about.
  • New interface for trading faction-level resources.  From the in-game website, you can now tap "CG..." to visit any CG's page.  If you have access, from there you can see your faction's resources and needs.  Look for a post soon about getting access, though hacker characters can get access right now...
  • Upload photos from your character page.  This will go on your page on the in-game website and your new ID at game.  Look for a post about that shortly.

To give you more time to get your photos uploaded, and to give you access to some of the other features we implemented, we're actually releasing today on too, so look for that post too.
3/31/16 Update - No Foolin'

Incremental release on beta this evening.  Here are the things you guys might notice:
  • Paths updated to 2016 rules revision
  • Layout fix for NPC character sheets (pictures made it wonky)
  • The CG resource page now has a list of active members.
  • Bugfix: Can now buy credits after buying XP
  • You are now notified the first time you access a person or account in the in-game interface.  Hopefully that will help with understanding which accounts or people you can just go to.
  • When hacking, success/stealth messages are now clearer as to its broad effects.
  • There's no longer a log entry when accounts are created.  It didn't ever really help things in the first place.
4/14/16 Update

A couple new features you may notice deployed to beta just now.
  • Person pages now feature your character's uploaded picture, so you can see who it is you're dealing with.
  • Hackers can now revoke their own accesses to things, as long as it's public.  This allows a hacker who was initially not stealthy to attempt to cover their tracks, though potentially at the expense of making more tracks.
There were also a few bugfixes, but since nobody else noticed them, I'll just let you imagine that it was perfect all along. Smile
4/21/16 Update - Non-stop

Our last release before game, and none too soon.  Most of the changes are behind the scenes to make things run more smoothly for staff, but here are the things you might notice.
  • There's a new Help tab on the character manager that links to walkthroughs
  • Old "Name Added" logs are now just "Name changed" logs like they should be now
  • New characters will automatically be assigned a "position" (aka title or rank) based on which CG they're in.  Existing characters will still have blank positions.
  • Can now hack into a faction that doesn't have resources (e.g. the UEF) if you find a person in that faction, in addition to being able to hack the resource ones.

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