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Camp Kirby Campaign
It's been botherin' me practically since we evacuated that we had to leave people behind. My little lady says I did the right thing and that there's nothing I could have done anyway. I don't know about that. But I do know that we left a lot of good people back there on that little peninsula and most of the public don't even know what's happenin' out there, even though it's for them that our friends and squadmates are doin' their work. So I don't know if I could've helped if I'd stayed, but I want at least try and do something now.

I'm trying to starta campaign to tell people about the story of what's goin' on out on Samish Island: about the virus, about the people that are stuck out there, and about the risks they're taking. I'm hoping to raise some support, to show everyone with the UEF who stayed behind that they're not forgotten or abandoned.

We're thinkin' about y'all and we're gonna come get you.

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Bejamin Weber
Helios Fire Station - Combat Support

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Don't you dare mention this to ANYONE outside the Contractor Groups!!!

The LAST thing the UEF needs is the general public panicking over a virus that we can't fix. They can't handle the truth.

We didn't stay for the glory: We stayed to save lives.
Maybe they don't need to know about this virus thing, but I think everyone needs to know that there are good mean and women fighting and dying, without any outside support, so that they can stay safe. From what I've seen, hardly anyone has even heard of Samish Island. I aim to change that. It's not like they can court-martial me, after all.
Bejamin Weber
Helios Fire Station - Combat Support

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from Belarus with love,

the general public will always know more than you wish it to know and withholding information usually does not improve anything but the likelihood of revolution.

the public should know to avoid the area should they bring back illegal salvage that infects or damages others - they are not always as well equipped as contracted salvagers with sensors, so word of mouth is key.

glow worm has good point. and i believe it is the agency who should be talking to him, or have you switched contracts, rimple. or allegiances at lease.

the virus was horrible. it will probably add another page to my medical history, which i am sure is already taking up too much room in doctor black's files. if you wish to know more, glow worm, i can pass through your area in a few weeks. give me a garage to sleep in and we will call even.
Radar - Waste Salvager
Wartime Salvage
Battle Medic

Deco Lead
The Agency has been working hand-in-hand with the UEF to release information to the general public in a timely manner. With the current state of the "Frakes" virus we ask that you please only allow qualified individuals (doctors, scientists, etc) who worked extensively with the virus to release any information pertaining to it and the linked events at Kirby to the civilian public.

That being said, a campaign to increase sympathy towards the CGs could be a welcome propaganda movement among the interior states. Perhaps, you may even have a major motion picture idea on your hands. I would recommend collecting your ideas and thoughts before bringing them before a UEF Media Specialist.

Lastly, behave contractors. Your squabbling has been noted and will be watched, carefully.

Semper Vigilans Contractors
Sergeant Pinkerton

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