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Beta testing logistics and Plot features
Hey guys!

Would you like to help test out more features on  Starting with our next release, we'll be opening up those roles on our test server to anyone who asks, subject to the following restrictions:
  • If you are actually on the Logistics team, you should request logistics on your test account.
  • If you are actually on the Plot team, you should request plot on your test account.
  • The same account can't be both logistics and plot.  This is to ensure we still have enough people looking at the non-plot or non-logistics cases, since that will still be the majority of production uses.
Broadly speaking, Plot can create and manage NPCs and create private notes on PCs, and Logistics can view/manage registrations and item printing.  Both can do payroll and assign Hive Points and XP.  Bugs in plot or logistics features will be eligible for the bug bounty, as will bugs where non-Logistics or non-Plot can do things it seems like they shouldn't be able to.

Should you choose to test out plot or logistics features, be aware that they will probably be rougher in design than our player-facing ones and you may encounter bugs that we already know about but haven't gotten to yet.  If you want to continue testing just player features, that's fine too, but if you want to be one of the brave souls who wants to delve into the staff side of things, reply here with the role you'd like and the account you'd like it on (if different from your forum account).

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